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Saudi Arabia stop the Umrah Pilgrimage Permit

The suspension of the Umrah visa was issued by the Saudi Arabian government amid the spread of the Corona virus

in the country of Indonesia itself is trying to lobby the Saudi Arabian government because in Indonesia there is no spread of the corona virus or the infected virus

Umrah suspension rules released by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Thursday morning. In the release, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said it would temporarily ban foreign nationals who want to enter the country in the context of Umrah and visit the Nabawai Mosque in Medina.

In addition to stopping issuing Umrah visas, the Saudis also stopped granting tourist visas for foreign tourists coming from countries with corona virus cases.

The Saudis will also stop traffic in and out of citizens of the members of the Arab Gulf State Cooperation Council (GCC) to its territory using a resident card.

The Saudis also ask their citizens not to travel temporarily to countries exposed to Covid-19.

"The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirms that the steps mentioned above are temporary and their implementation will continue to be evaluated by relevant government agencies," the Saudi Foreign Ministry statement said.

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